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LSP Inline System

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LSP Inline System
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LumiSolarProfessional (LSP) Inline System:
Advanced Electroluminescence Inspection for Pre-laminate and Solar Modules

LSA automation and greateyes announce the introduction of an advanced LSP Inline inspection system for pre-laminates and solar modules. The term "advanced" refers to the fact that the tool is not only capable to detect micro cracks, low intensity cells and contaminations, it also determines misaligned bus bars, rotated solar cells and other quality issues. Moreover the LSP Inline system exhibits a fast cycle time below 30sec including feed-in, inspection, automatic defect recognition, pass/fail decision and unloading. The unique design of the tool provide significant higher throughput and analysis power compared to conventional inline EL inspection tools. Precise quality control, higher yield and cost savings are the main reason for implementing the machine in the production line.

See Specifications for Details.