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Systems Overview

Data Sheets

LumiSolarProfessional Systems 
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LumiSolarMobile System 
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LumiSolarCell System 
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LumiSolarOutdoor System
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LSP Inline System 
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Inspection Systems for Solar Cells and Solar Modules

Solar Cells and Solar Modules suffer from a variety of invisible defects which reduce their output power and long-term stability. 
The inspection systems from greateyes image these problems using the electroluminescence or photoluminescence phenomena. They are employed for R&D, production control and optimization, inbound&outbound quality checks, defect analysis as well as inspection of photovoltaic power plants. As a result they contribute to significant cost reduction and allow maintaining high quality standards.

LumiSolarProfessional Systems LumiSolarMobile System
► High-Performance Electroluminescence Inspection for Solar Modules [Read more]
► Mobile Electroluminescence Inspection for Cells & Modules  [Read more]
LumiSolarCell System LumiSolarOutdoor System
► Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Inspection for Wafers & Solar Cells [Read more]
► Electroluminescence Inspection for Solar modules directly on-site  [Read more]
LumiSolarProfessional (LSP) Inline System
► Advanced Electrolumnescence Inspection for Pre-laminates and Solar Modules [Read more]