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LumiSolarProfessional Systems 
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LumiSolarProfessional Systems:
High Performance Electroluminescence Inspection Equipment

The LumiSolarProfessional systems utilize the electroluminescence phenomenon to image micro-cracks, cell failures and inhomogenities of photovoltaic devices which are extremely difficult or impossible to detect visually. The equipment enables detailed quality control of all types of PV modules and strings.  It was developed for research, off-line industrial inspection and quality characterisation. Automatic Analysis of EL images is available as an option.

The design of the equipment is scalable to meet different requirements. See Specifications for Details.

LumiSolarProfessional BL
(Bottom Load)
LumiSolarProfessional TL
(Top Load)
The BL system is used to inspect finished PV modules of different types and sizes with the sunny side up.

The image resolution and geometry are flexible due to the possibility of changing the distance between the module and the camera.

The system is designed for demanding applications in research and industrial control.
The new TL version is dedicated to the inspection of unlaminated or finished modules of different types and sizes with sunny side down.

The system is capable of characterising different types of solar modules by placing them directly on a glas frame. A slot-in mechanism in the working height allows comfortable inspection of higher volumes.

Theory of Operation: 

The scanning system consists of one or two highly sensitive cooled CCD Cameras and a precision linear drive unit to image larger cells or modules. A dark chamber allows measurements under ambient light conditions. The system can be flexibly configured and offers numerous functionalities for the image analysis and user guidance.

For more informations see also references and publication.