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Suitable for Photon Energy Range 5 eV - 20 keV

LOTTE is the latest product release from greateyes. Equipped with the most advanced cooling concept we have ever built and driven by the most powerful and versatile electronic platform this in-vacuum1 CCD camera is ready to set new standards in its class.

LOTTE utilizes scientific-grade back-illuminated CCD sensors for the detection of EUV, VUV and X-ray signals. The spectral bandwidth covers photon energies between 5 eV and 20 keV. The user can also choose from a variety of sensor formats – small to large – with pixel sizes from 13-26 µm. LOTTE utilises ultra-deep thermoelectric cooling down to -100 °C and has a massive true 18-bit AD conversion for maximum dynamic range. One very important feature that differentiates LOTTE from its nearest rivals is an innovative encapsulated stainless-steel housing to guarantee an extremely low outgassing. LOTTE is compatible with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) standards. Workable pressures can be as low as 10-10 mbar. Signals can be detected at very close range in order to cover wide angles of view or far away as LOTTE can be moved freely within the vacuum chamber as desired. The special design and unprecedented performance make the LOTTE unique and an unrivalled in-vacuum CCD camera for low-light scientific research. Additional handy features are further improving the user experience and adding true value.

1In-vacuum camera means that the full camera is operated under (ultra-high) vacuum conditions.


LOTTE-s 1k256

Pixel Size: 26 µm × 26 µm
Image Area: 26,6 mm × 6,7 mm


LOTTE-s 2k512

Pixel Size: 13.5 µm × 13.5 µm
Image Area: 27,6 mm × 6,9 mm


LOTTE-i 1k1k

Pixel Size: 13 µm × 13 µm
Image Area: 13,3 mm × 13,3 mm


LOTTE-i 2k2k

Pixel Size: 13,5 µm × 13,5 µm
Image Area: 27,6 mm × 27,6 mm


LOTTE-i 2k2k plus

Pixel Size: 15 µm × 15 µm
Image Area: 30,7 mm × 30,7 mm


LOTTE-i 4k4k

Pixel Size: 15 μm × 15 μm
Image Area: 61,4 mm × 61,7 mm



greateyes Vision software

The greateyes Vision software suite provides access to all camera functionalities. It includes comprehensive visualization, analysis and storage options and supports important features such as wavelength and geometric calibration, crop and burst modes and various file formats. The software runs on 32/64-bit Windows systems. For integration into other systems, a software development kit and drivers are available.

  • Supports crop and burst readout modes for higher frame rates and precise time resolution 
  • Supports flexible horizontal and vertical binning
  • Wavelength and geometric calibration
  • Various file formats: JPG, BMP, TXT, TIFF (16-bit), DAT raw data
  • Many drivers available for integration into other systems 
  • Language support in English and German
  • Comprehensive visualization and image manipulation routines
  • Runs on 32/64-bit Windows systems