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The award-winning LumiSolarOutdoor system enables to investigate the quality of solar modules on-site. Defects can be identified quickly. Modules don‘t need to be demounted from their substructure. Measurements can be performed directly in the solar park or at rooftop PV installation after twilight or during the night. In contrast to other systems the LumiSolar-Outdoor system does not require a dark box or enclosure. It is the first system capable of performing measurements in the open air, thus saving time and cost. Moreover damages due to transportation are prevented.

There are two versions of the LumiSolar-Outdoor system available. A battery powered equipment enables to measure single solar modules without the need of an external power supply, providing greatest flexibility. A complete string of solar modules can be measured in a stepwise procedure using the line-powered Lumi-SolarOutdoor system if an external power supply is accessible. The LumiSolarOutdoor Line-powered allows a higher inspection throughput.

  • Inspection under open air
  • high time and cost savings
  • no demounting of modules
  • for all common module types
  • single modules and strings
  • excellent image quality

LumiSolarOutdoor Battery-Powered

Model Specification LumiSolarOutdoor Battery-Powered

Application Electroluminescence Inspection of
single Modules directly on-site
Total System Weight 40 kg
Number of Measurements 200-500 with single Battery Charge
Module/String Power Supply 0-100V / 0-7.5A / max. 750 W (from Battery)

Common Specification

Module Types mono-Si, poly-Si, a-Si, CIS, CIGS, CdTe, HIT
Image Size 1024 x 1024 pixel 16 bit, or 2048 × 2048 pixel 16 bit
Advantages of the System No need to demount the Solar Module (save time & costs) | Direct outdoor Measurements possible | Excellent Sensitivity and Image Quality | Quick Measurements (~2 sec for c-Si Solar Modules) | No dark Box or Cover needed | Mobile Solution, no Transport Vehicles needed | Battery based System allows independent Operation | Flexible solution for indoor and outdoor usage
Areas of Application Pre-delivery Inspection at the Manufacturer | Receiving/Pre-delivery Control at the Retail Company | Final Inspection before Installation of the Solar Modules | Documentation Purposes | Acceptance Tests | Direct Inspection of Solar Modules in the Park | Inspection of Rooftop PV | Installations | Failure Analysis of defect Solar Modules
Successfully tested on various Solar Module Types Monocrystalline Silicon (mono-Si) | Polycrystalline Silicon (poly-Si) | Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) | Copper Indium Sulfide (CIS) | Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) | Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) | Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (HIT)
Inspection Capabilities Shunt Detection | Micro-Cracks Identification | Finger Defects Dead Cells | Broken Cells | Hotspots | Inhomogeneities and Impurities |  partially hot spots
min. Distance Camera <=> Module 0.5 m
Measurement Time ~2 sec for c-Si Solar Modules
Typ. Distance Camera <=> Module 3 - 5 m
Outdoor Light Conditions Night Sky, late Twilight Time

Data Sheets


Pre-delivery inspection at the solar module manufacturer Receiving / Pre-delivery check at the retail company
Final inspection before installation of the solar modules Documentation of existing or new PV installations
Acceptance Tests Direct inspection of solar modules in the park
Direct inspection of root-top PV installations Failure analysis of defect solar modules
Research & Development


LumiSolarOutdoor Software

The LumiSolarOutdoor software controls the camera and the power supply for the solar modules and is used to capture and visualize the Electroluminescence Images. It offers many functions for image and data analysis.


Selected Specifications 
System requirements Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 10
2 x USB 2.0 Interfaces
General functions Single shot, videomode 
load & save images, quicksave
Image data formats BMP, JPEG, TIFF, raw data, TXT
Visualisation Gray scale or false-color
Zoom functions
Linear / logarithmic scaling
Intensity profiles 
Special functions Distance measurements 
Remote control of power supply
Automatic background substraction