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LSA automation and greateyes offer an advanced LumiSolarProfessional (LSP) inline inspection system for pre-laminates and solar modules. The tool is not only capable to detect micro cracks, low intensity cells and contaminations, it also determines misaligned bus bars, rotated solar cells and other quality issues fastly.

The LSP Inline system exhibits a fast cycle time below 30sec including feed-in, inspection, automatic defect recognition, pass/fail decision and unloading. The unique design of the tool provide significant higher throughput and analysis power compared to conventional in-line EL inspection tools. Precise quality control, higher yield and cost savings are the main reason for implementing the machine in the production line. In contrast to other vendors the new inspection system uses two scientific greateyes cameras in combination with high-throughput objectives allowing for fast detection of the weak electroluminescence. Furthermore an innovative automatic image analysis software provides superior performance in the detection of failures within pre-laminates or solar modules.

  • Turn-key Inline EL Inspection System
  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast cycle time
  • automatic defect identification and classification
  • detection of misaligned cells and bus bars

LumiSolarProfessional Inline Pre-laminate

Model Specification LumiSolarProfessional Inline Pre-laminate

Substrates Pre-laminates

Common Specification

System Turn-key electroluminescence inline inspection system
Cell Type mono- and polycrystalline silicon, thin-film, HIT, IBC
Complete cycle time 26sec (including feed-in, feed-out)
Max Size 2.0 x 1.0 m
Nominal throughput 138 modules/hour
Inspection Sunny side down
Design flexibilities Pre-laminate or module inspection | Inspection of mono- or poly-crystalline silicon, thin-film, HIT, IBC | Long-side or short-side forward feed-in / feed-out | Connectivity to supervisory systems (MES, ERP, QA)
System advantages High nominal throughput, low total cycle time | Superior defect identification and classification compared to convential EL systems | Fixed imaging subsystem, no moving cameras | reduced maintainance & higher lifetime | Counting of branched cracks, total defect area, precise receipe control
Imaging Subsystem Two scientific 16bit large format greateyes cameras, resolution 500μm
Defect detection Cracks, inactive cell areas, Micro-cracks, contaminations, low intensity cells,
inactive (dead) cells, edge defects, misaligned bus bars, misaligned/rotated cells
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2200mm x 2200mm x 1400mm - for prelaminate inspection with long side forward
Certification CE
Detection capabilities Micro-cracks | Contaminations | Inactive areas | Low intensity/dead cells | Misaligned
Cells | Rotated cells | Edge defects
Characterization method Forward bias electroluminescence inspection
No risk measurement - drive current below short-ciruit current
Scientific 16bit high dynamic range imaging subsystem

Data Sheets


LSP Inline Software

The analysis software automatically identifies, analyses and classifies a variety of common defect types. With the automatic detection of defects a detailed quality control is provided.

Software System
Operator & engineer HMI
Fully automated image analysis
Defect identification and classification
MES, ERP, QA interfaces
Multiple data export capabilities
Recipe definitions
Statistical / history functions
Simplified touch panel control