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The LumiSolarMobile system is a multi-purpose electroluminescence inspection system for solar cells and solar modules. Micro-cracks, cell failures, inhomogeneities and other defects which are extremely difficult to detect visually can be detected clearly. The LumiSolarMobile system is a lightweight and portable device and allows quick mounting and easy transport.

  • Electroluminescence inspection system for solar cells & modules
  • Portable device


Model Specification LumiSolarMobile

Image Size 1024 × 1024 pixel, 16 bit or 2048 × 2048 pixel, 16 bit
Module types mono-Si, poly-Si, a-Si, CIS, CIGS, CdTe, HIT
Inspection method EL
Measurement Time ~2 sec  for c-Si solar modules
Application Final Inspection of solar cells | Identification/ Replacement of defect cells before lamination | Improvement of general production efficiency | Research and Development | Characterization and Qualification
System components GE PV Camera | Objective with enhanced NIR transmission | LumiSolarMobile software | Synchronization module for automated image capture | Power supply, connection cables and tripod inclusive
Inspection capabilities Shunt Detection | Micro-Cracks Identification | Finger Defects | Dead Cells | Broken Cells | Hotspots | Inhomogeneities and Impurities |  partially hot spots

Data Sheets


LumiSolarMobile Software The LumiSolarMobile software controls the camera and visualizes the data sets. The program can generate intensity profiles from the 16bit high dynamic range image data. Basic picture manipulation procedures are included in the software. Dimension measurements of artefacts are possible following calibration as well as remote control of power supply.


Selected Specifications 
System requirements Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 10
USB 2.0 Interfaces
General functions Single shot, videomode 
Load & save images, quicksave
Image data formats BMP, JPEG, raw data, TXT
Visualisation Gray scale or false-color
Zoom functions
Linear / logarithmic Scaling
Intensity Profiles 
Special functions Distance measurements 
Remote control of power supply
Automatic EL image analysis of c-Si solar modules