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High-resolution Plasma Spectroscopy Using an Echelle Spectrograph 

At ISAS Dortmund a miniaturized plasma with a liquid electrode (Liquid Electrode Dielectric Barrier Discharge, LE-DBD) has been developed which can be operated in continous flow operation requiring only small sample volumes. This system allows determination of chemical elements diluted in the liquid electrode using optical emission spectroscopy. A compact Echelle Spectrograph developed at ISAS Berlin equipped with a greateyes camera GE 1024 1024 BI delivers simultaneous high resolution spectra of the plasma emission with great sensitivity including the UV range. Analysis of the obtained spectra yields elemental distribution as well as plasma parameters like the temperature of different species or the electron density. The latter can be used for characterization and further development of the plasma source.


greateyes Camera mounted to high resolution simultaneous echelle spectrograph from ISAS Berlin. 
Inset: Liquid electrode plasma developed at ISAS Dortmund.